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Satedan Fire

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This is a Ronon Dex & Jason Momoa community, you'll find lots of graphics, fanfiction, videos
Welcome! This is an adult-only community dedicated primarily to the adoration and admiration of the Stargate Atlantis character Specialist Ronon Dex, portrayed by actor Jason Momoa. We also share lots of information and updates about other shows and projects undertaken by Jason. The Community's joint managers are lacenire and sgafreak.


Almost all the work posted to this Community was produced by our talented membership. Our very exciting, customized Ronon Dex Mood Theme was conceptualized, developed and produced by the very talented lovetruthbella

It is our intention to make this Community the foremost Ronon Dex Community, with only the most exciting and creative material being posted to our pages. The look of the Community will change on a regular basis, with our many creative graphic artists showcasing their talents. The layout of satedan_fire was created by lovetruthbella who worked with the layout coding and some images provided by amavel_bel. The community and administrative user icons were created by sgafreak and lacenire.

The current Header was created by sgafreak

The profile page Banner (above) was created by sgafreak

All material related to Ronon Dex will be welcome, including but not limited to:
Fanfiction (ALL Het pairings), fan art, graphic works (banners, sigs, tags, icons), interviews, vids etc. Links to 'found' or 'recommended' Ronon-centric works are also allowed, and indeed encouraged. Please be advised that ratings up to NC-17 will be accepted.

(1) No Flamming, bashing or impolite behaviour of any kind.
(2) All large Graphics works MUST be put behind a LJ cut. Posters can place a small version of the graphics on the main page.
(3) All fanfics and extended posts must be put behind a LJ cut.
(4) GEN, HET (all pairings will accepted), FRIENDSHIP, categories of works are all welcome.
(5) NO SLASH, or under-age relationships are allowed. Any links or material of a slash nature will be deleted without prior notice to the poster!
(6) All adult material should be posted with a rating of R or NC-17.
(7) The 'subject line' of ALL fanfiction posts must include the title, rating, pairing (if any), and chapter eg. The Specialist, [NC-17], R/OFC, 1/6
(8) No posting of advertisements without first seeking permission from the maintainers, unauthorized posts will be deleted without prior notice.

So...If you love Ronon Dex and can abide by these rules, by all means, join us!

If you want to put a link to Satedan Fire, you can use one of the icons below. Simply copy and paste the code below. Don't forget to upload the images to your own server.



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